Transform Your Landscape with Professional Gardeners

Before Professional Gardeners: Garden looks neglected, plants are overgrown, weeds are unruly, you can’t discern structure in your landscape, you are embarrassed.

After Professional Gardeners: Garden is rejuvenated, your landscape looks clean and contemporary, the structure is defined, and a sense of tranquillity sets in.

Before and After

Redefining Your Landscape with a Garden Renovation

Refreshing your garden’s landscape is especially challenging when unruly weeds overrun your front or backyard design. It’s hard to imagine seeing a profusion of flowers flourishing in your backyard from your small patio.

But when you trust professional gardeners you’ll start seeing through the weeds. We’ll unearth the landscape hidden beneath that will excite you, and transform your backyard into a place you can be proud of. You’ll relax peacefully on your tranquil patio knowing our team will maintain your grounds.

“transformed my unruly, untidy backyard into a relaxing oasis”

Fiorella R., Woodbridge

“total peace-of-mind and quite frankly, bragging rights”
— Brian C., Toronto

“to anyone who wishes for a beautifully cared for garden”
— L & K, Toronto

Here’s How To Change Your Garden’s Landscape with Our Team Professionals:

Step 1:

Let us know a little bit about you and your garden, some of the problems you’re facing in the landscape of your front or backyard, and what you envision. Add any details we might need to prepare for our consultation.

Step 2:

We will visit your home and conduct a walkabout consultation. This visit will include: reviewing your needs and wants; examining elements of your landscape such as: your drainage, irrigation, potential transplants, layout, design elements; and a property assessment.

Step 3:

Two business days after your consultation, we will send you a customized proposal and an estimate that is tailored to your property.

Step 4:

A follow-up telephone call will be scheduled to review your proposal and determine the next steps to begin your garden renovation.

Yorkshire Garden Services

Gardening Services That Refresh Toronto’s Beautiful Landscape

We are passionate about creating and maintaining your beautiful garden and we will ensure that your garden renovation will look incredible.

“Springtime from Yorkshire’s team is a cornucopia of colour”

— MS Lamont, Toronto

“the best that we’ve encountered”

— Lisa C., Etobicoke

“instrumental in helping me to develop the areas that still need to find their character”

— Nancy C., Richmond Hill

Get Started on Garden Renovation

Let us know a little bit about you and your garden, some of the problems you’re facing in your front or backyard, and what you envision.

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